Laser Declawing


There is much discussion on declawing cats. The doctors here only perform this procedure, using the preferred method of the American Feline Practitioners Association. This minimizes the discomfort felt by your cat, making the procedure easier for them, and for you.

What is declawing? Onchyectomy (or declawing) is the surgical procedure that removes the nail bed on cats digits that grow the claws.  There are many types of surgical procedures to declaw cats.
What are the advantages of declawing? Declawing does not make an overly aggressive cat safe, but it does lessen the cat's ability to cause serious injuries to and infections in people and their pets.  Even relatively nonagressive cats indulging in play scratching can cause serious injuries.

Cats sharpen their front claws by scratching inanimate objects resulting in damage to furniture, rugs, and draperies.  Declawing your cat's front feet eliminates the need to cause this damage.

Why is laser surgery the best method? Laser surgery seals nerve endings and cauterizes blood vessels significantly reducing blood loss and eliminating almost all of the discomfort associated with traditional surgery.

Laser surgery reduces anesthetic, surgery, and recovery time.

Is declawing safe? Yes.  Declawing is a very safe procedure.  It does does not affect the patients' walking ability or balance.
What is the best age for this procedure? Cats can be safely declawed at any age, however, recovery periods are shorter for younger animals.  Cats can have this surgery as young as three months and is easily done at the time they are spayed or neutered.

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment or if you have any further questions about feline onchectomy.

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